Managed Software
Development Team

A plug-and-play IT development team, recruited in line with your needs, managed to minimize risks and maximize delivery pace.

Ramp up your software development capabilities with a ready-to-perform delivery unit. Edvantis can help you identify and fill in the required roles with niche expertise and set up your project for successful completion. Benefit from our established practices for leading high-performing teams.

The Key Benefits of Managed Team Service

Team that you need
Leave the micromanagement of the engineers to us.
Higher project predictability
A well-oiled, stable team will perform in line with the project’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Lower risks
Benefit from a polished Edvantis SDLC framework, acute technical advice and strategic tech guidance.
Flexible commitment
Start with 4 people for 3 months. Scale to a larger team as needed or switch to an alternative service model.
Diversify your development risks
Gain access to a storehouse of expertise without committing to full-time hiring. Gain the new talent you need to accelerate your company’s shift to digital.

Is Managed Team The Right Outsourcing
for My Case?

We recommend this option to clients with solid product expertise and a sufficient capacity to handle work prioritization.

Edvantis, in turn, will do most of the “heavy-lifting”:

  • Project staffing based on your needs and optimal team composition
  • Administrative support and onboarding
  • SDLS setup or implementation of processes reflecting your own
  • Identification of KPIs and interim project goals
  • Efficient team management to ensure a high work pace

From your end, we expect regular feedback on your project vision and consistent communication regarding critical decisions. Ultimately, our goal is to help you maintain an autonomous, high-performing team that delivers consistent results and increased ROI in the long-run. Build-Operate-Transfer option is also available.

Looking for an alternative? Take a look at our two other service models – Staff Augmentation or Manager Project.

IT Staff Augmentation

You have the work – we provide you with qualified resources to complete it, recruited based on your project requirements, onboarded in no time.

Gain the IT expertise you lack to accelerate your software development. Our staff augmentation services provide you with the resources you need to complete your project. Ramp up your capacity to bring new products to the market faster.

The Key Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Unparalleled flexibility:
Scale up or down your team as necessary. Switch between different service models and benefit from additional value-added services – Executive-IT Advisory, IT Consulting, and Business Process Outsourcing.
No hiring overheads and lower total cost of ownership:
Recruitment and ongoing admin support are on us. We offer a transparent billing plan with a fixed monthly rate per employee.
Hotkey access to skilled IT talent:
We can staff your project in 45 days or less.
Forget about the “skills gap”:
Our unique geographic position and international presence give us access to over 400,000 IT specialists.
Industry expertise:
We’ll recruit talent with deep domain expertise in your industry and/or prolific technical specialization.

Is Staff Augmentation The Right Outsourcing
for My Case?

Staff augmentation services are best suited to companies with an established managerial process and technical expertise.

As a client, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Software development lifecycle set up
  • Workload allocation and tasks prioritization
  • Day-to-day team management and communication
  • Overall project vision and it’s delivery

At minimal, you need to have an experienced project manager or a CTO at your end to ensure that your new team is fully engaged and on track to success.

Not sure if that’s the case? With Edvantis, you always have added flexibility to switch to another service model: Explore Managed Team or Managed Project offer instead.

Why Edvantis:

of our partners
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Strong customer focus
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the market
Veteran IT Outsourcing Vendor
employee retention
Favorable team culture

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